Staff team.


A warm welcome awaits you, from our very experienced and highly trained team.

 Mr. R. Hughes, Headteacher.

Miss K. Thwaite, Foundation Stage 2 (Reception class) teacher/Assistant head.


Mr. G. Merrick, Year 3 teacher.



Mrs. A. Postlethwaite Year 2 Teacher Mrs. S. Kane Year 2 Teacher

Miss R. Pugh, Year 6 Teacher.

Miss R. Dunne, Year 5 Teacher, Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator..

Miss T. Jackson, Year 1 teacher.

Miss J. Pyke, Year 4 teacher.
Mrs A. Davies, Higher Level Teaching Assistant.
Mrs. E. Williams, Higher Level Teaching Assistant.
Mrs. S. Rickett, Cover supervisor.
Miss A. Reilly, Foundation Stage 2 Teaching Assistant.
Mrs. P. Fields, Emotional Literacy Support Assistant/ T.A..
Mrs. N. Griffiths, Learning Mentor/Key Stage 1 Teaching Assistant.
Mrs. D. Cholmondeley, Key Stage 2 Teaching Assistant.
Mrs. A. Halpin Year 1 Teaching Assistant
Mrs. P. Millington, Year 2 Teaching Assistant
Mrs. T. Mills, School Business Manager.
Mrs. K. Wilson, Administrator.
Mrs. S. Garnett, Lunch Time Supervisor & Premises Staff. 
Mrs. A. Worrod, Lunch Time Supervisor. 
Mr. T. Flood, Site Maintenance Officer.
Miss N. Moss, Assistant cook & Premises.


St Mary of the Angels Primary School, Rossall Grove, Little Sutton, Ellesmere Port, Cheshire CH66 1NN