Year 6: Blog items

Letter to Year 6 from Mrs Thorpe, by Mrs Thorpe

Date: 5th Sep 2018 @ 8:26pm

Dear children,

I was so pleased to meet you today and I’m delighted that I’ll be your teacher for the coming year. I thought that a good way to start the year would be for us to get to know each other. So I’ve decided to write you to, to tell you a few things about myself, and I’d like you to write back to me, telling me things you’d like me to know and understand about you. The better I can understand you, the better I can teach you – so let’s begin…

You’ll know me as Mrs Thorpe, but my husband is called Jon and he’s a Forest School Teacher.  I have two young children called Esme and James. I live quite far away from Ellesmere Port now, but I actually grew up in this town and some of my family still live here too. I’ve worked in several different places including schools in South Africa and Poland and I’m so delighted to come back home and be part of the family here at St Mary’s.

I have lots of interests and hobbies, especially cooking, reading and art. I love working with children (that’s good!) and I feel strongly about issues related to fairness and justice in our world. When I’m not working in school, I spend time helping at my local foodbank and I lead the children’s programme in the Church I belong to, which is called St Joseph’s.

I like things to be well organised and tidy and I feel happy when we all take pride in what we are doing. I think we learn best when we are secure and confident, and that’s one reason why I think a creative and organised classroom is really important. What would you like to have in our classroom?

Some things that I find come easily to me are: drawing, creating, painting and writing. Some things that I have to work harder to learn are: sports and playing musical instruments.   What do you find easy and hard?

I like to travel to new places and see new things and one of my dreams is to see the Northern Lights in Iceland.  Where would you like to travel to?

 I recently felt proud of myself when I studied for my Fellowship at Oxford University and I feel proud of others when I see them working towards new challenges. What are you proud of?

Here’s a few of my favourite things:

  • Food: BBQ food, yummy!
  • Book: To Kill a Mockingbird – by Harper Lee
  • Song: anything by a band (an old band…) called U2
  • Sweet: anything with chocolate in or on, especially Toblerone
  • Words from the Bible: Jeremiah “For I know the plans I have you says the Lord”
  • Time of Year: Advent – I love the waiting and preparations for the joy of Christmas

I promise you that this year, I will work my hardest to help you grow and progress and above all, help you to understand that you are loved and cherished by God our Father. I hope that you will write back to me and share a little about yourself so that I can get to know you as soon as possible,



Mrs Thorpe




St Mary of the Angels Primary School, Rossall Grove, Little Sutton, Ellesmere Port, Cheshire CH66 1NN