Our School Uniform.

We expect children to wear school uniform at all times.

We believe that if children take pride in their appearance and associate positively with the school, we will all reap the benefits.


Uniform is all available from the The Uniform Shop, 30 Overpool Road, Ellesmere Port, CH66 1JN. 0151 345 4656the website is the http://theuniformshopwebsite.co.uk.   It is run by Mark and Vanessa Bond, parents from our school who are very obliging and knowledgeable.

School uniform comprises
*Grey trousers or skirt
*White blouse/shirt or white polo shirt;
*Black school shoes are required for all pupils; not strappy slip-ons for girls, supportive school shoes please.
*No trainers.

Nearly all of these items and others can of course be bought cheaply at your local supermarkets, for best value comparisons. We also ask you to purchase our own school sweat shirts/cardigans (available from The Uniform Shop as above).

You are given a free book and belongings bag when you start school. Please use this throughout school, It saves space in school; it protects books (water resistant); has a luminous strip for safety; and it is hardy. No big bags or backpacks thank you - the school bag caters for all your needs. Replacements are available cheaply in the school office.

Girls may wear yellow gingham dresses in the summer term. Black school shoes are required for all pupils; not strappy slip-ons for girls, supportive school shoes please. No trainers.

Pupils  should be well presented in school; extremes of hairstyle are not accepted, at our discretion. Long hair should be tied back, for hygiene and safety. Jewellery is also discouraged, and not allowed at all in PE, for health and safety reasons. For example, if your child has ear-rings, they must be able to remove them for P.E. If they can't - don't wear them. P.E. is statutory, in the National Curriculum.

P.E Kit

The basic P.E. kit comprises; black shorts; white T-shirt; black plimsolls. For 2021-22, pupils will come to school wearing their kit. You will be advised of PE days, by your child's teacher. NO KIT WITH EMBLEMS NOR LOGOS IS ALLOWED.

Outdoor games require shorts, white T-shirt, and outside footwear. Plain, dark jogging bottoms over their kit will keep them warm; and they should be wearing their usual school sweatshirt/cardigan for girls, over their kit. (Please note that trainers are not suitable for indoor work.) No need to send any kit bags to school.

(In the case of football on the field, football boots should be worn; and shin pads are recommended.)

Year 3 pupils have swimming lessons at the  E.P.I.C. pool.  For this, children require a costume and named towel. Goggles may only be worn if a note is provided by parents. The pool wish boys to wear trunks, not football type shorts, for hygiene reasons. If you're involved, the lessons are compulsory and you'll be informed of the dates.

Our children normally take part in many competitions, representing the school, throughout the school year, both in and out of school hours.  We will usually provide a kit (eg school football team kit) on these occasions. All these its must be returned, laundered and in good repair.


St Mary of the Angels Primary School, Rossall Grove, Little Sutton, Ellesmere Port, Cheshire CH66 1NN