Year 6 2023 - 2024

Miss Moore

Hello and welcome to our Year 6 class page! This page will provide you with the information you need about what your child is currently learning in school. 

My name is Miss Moore, and I will be your child’s teacher this year; we will also have key adults in class and around school to help us along on our Year 6 journey.  



As we begin the Summer term, we will complete our South America topic before moving on to our final topic: 'I am special, I am me'. We will be learning about healthy relationships and exploring the exciting time that is ahead of us: transition to high school. We will focus on maintaining a positive mindset and embracing how wonderful it is to be ourselves. As part of this topic, we will take part in many exciting trips and visits, such as Cheshire Young Carers wellbeing visits, a trip to Dangerpoint in Talacre. first aid training as well as visiting Cheshire College for their Primary College day.



In English, we will be using four main texts to enhance the features of our writing, and they are: 'Can we save the tiger?', 'The Tempest', 'The Final Year' and 'Holes'. We will also use a variety of videos, pieces of music and images to enrich our writing and reading, particularly in the build-up to our SATs in May. 

The features of writing that we will mostly focus on are: 

- Enhance meaning through selecting appropriate grammar and vocabulary
- Use expanded noun phrases to convey complicated information concisely
- Use modal verbs and adverbs to indicate degrees of possibility
- Use brackets, dashes or commas to indicate parenthesis
- Use organisational and presentational devices to structure text
- Using semi-colons and colons to mark boundaries between independent clauses
- Continue using a wider range of cohesive devices (fronted adverbials, correct punctuation, variety of fronted adverbials)



During Summer term, we will begin by revisiting our Autumn and Spring skills ahead of our SATs. We will apply our learnt skills to a variety of problem solving and reasoning tasks in order to deepen our level of understanding of the Year 6 curriculum. We will also focus on shape and position and direction, learning more about areas such as reflection and translation of shapes. As well as this, we will look at enhancing our curriculum knowledge through themed projects and further consolidation activities. 


Religious Education

In RE this term, we will start the term by looking at 'The Transforming Spirit' and learning about the apostles who were called to follow Jesus. We will use this to explore the idea that we have also been called to follow Jesus, just as the apostles were. We will then move onto the topic of 'Called to Serve', a topic that covers how we are called to serve God by loving one another. We will reflect on our own calling to follow Jesus and explore how we can use our gifts in the service of God and other people.  



At home, there are many different ways in which you can support your child with their learning this year. Each week, Google Classroom will have details of reinforcement activities that can be completed in Home Learning books. There are also the Spelling Shed and Times Table Rockstars apps that the children are warmly invited to use as regularly as possible.

Children should also continue to read every night and to have their reading logged in their reading record each time.  It is imperative that pupils read aloud regardless of their book band level.  From time to time, you may find a note in your child's planner from either myself or Mrs Filson/Mrs Turley if there is a particular area of need where your child may require some more work. Planners will also note when your child has read in school with an adult.

All parents and carers are asked to sign page 4 in your child's planner which sets out our homework expectations for the year.

Children will have weekly spellings which are pertinent to their spelling needs and these will be written in their planners every Friday.  Children will have a week of learning their spellings in school and at home before a spelling assessment the following Friday.


PE Days

Tuesday afternoon: cricket (outdoor)

Thursday afternoon: athletics (indoor/outdoor)

Please make sure that your child comes to school with the correct equipment on these days.


Forest School

Thursday 21st September

Thursday 9th November

Thursday 18th January

Thursday 7th March (World Book Day themed)

Thursday 23rd May

Please ensure that your child comes to school on these days dressed accordingly to the weather forecast in old clothes which you don’t mind getting dirty.  During the winter months, it will be imperative that the children are wrapped up with multiple layers.


Open invitation

I am always open to discussions about how best to support and guide the children, and I welcome you to the door or to make an appointment to speak with me whenever you feel is necessary so that we can best help the wonderful children in our class. 

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