Catholic Life

As a Catholic school, we are built on our faith which holds Christ at the Centre. 

So what does this mean? As a team, we reflected on what "Christ at the Centre" means, and this is what we agreed....

  • It means “I” am not in the centre
  • It means we give dignity to the being that we all are.
  • It means we surrender to Jesus’ love
  • It means we are a school family which sees, not just looks; “Behold the Lamb of God”
  • It means we shape ourselves on the work of the Holy Spirit who guides us in our surrender.
  • It means we have “Big Hearts, Open to God”
  • It means that at St Mary of the Angels every pupil experiences their dignity as a child of God, so that they are illuminated, to become what God created them to be.
  • It means we nurture our children to become builders of the Kingdom of God
  • It means we bear the weight of relationships built on the foundations of our faith. We love the children, staff and families across our school because they are our brothers and sisters in Christ.
  • It means we are for everyone.

Our Catholic Life is the golden thread that weaves through every aspect of our school. It is impossible for any policy or procedure to 'summarise' what our Catholic Life is all about. However, you can see and experience for yourself what our  'Catholic Life'  means through our website, but better still, come and visit us!


Our Parish

The Catholic Life of our school is intrinsically linked to our Parish family. We work together to ensure that all our children are immersed in a rich, diverse and nurturing Catholic family. We strive to ensure that every child fulfills their God-given potential. 

Locally, our parish and school are very closely linked.  Fr Edmund Montgomery is our parish priest and he is supported by Deacon Tony Nuttall. With them, we aim to create a holistic educational provision, in the love of God. In school we enjoy welcoming the whole parish community into our family. Events include assembles, Masses and celebrations; retreats and 'drop in afternoons' with our clergy...the list goes on. All our stakeholders are most welcome in the various churches of our parish. We work closely with our parish in Sacramental Preparation, Chaplaincy and much more. 

Have a look in the Ellesmere Port and Hooton parish newsletter for all the latest Mass times, dates and events. We look forward to welcoming you!


External Validation

  • "The mission statement is a living reality permeating the WHOLE school"
  • "There is a real sense of team-working, in which EVERYONE is valued, this is at the core of all relationships at St Mary's."
  • "There is a vibrant learning environment both inside and outside the school and this reflects the pride taken by all"
  • "Leadership is passionate, supportive and ambitious for all"
  • "There is a palpable sense of welcome here"
  • "Pupil behaviour is exemplary"
  • "All staff and governors are exemplary role models"
  • "Pastoral care is an outstanding feature of this school"

                                                     (Catholic Schools Inspectorate Report - May 2023)

"The school’s Catholic ethos can be felt in all aspects of the life of the school and contributes strongly to pupils’ personal development....The school provides very rich experiences that help pupils to develop a strong and caring character and help them to understand the difference between right and wrong." (Ofsted, September 2019.)

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