As a school, we are very aware that radicalisation of young people is all around us.

Maybe you think that this kind of thing wouldn't happen in Cheshire.....

Well there was a training camp discovered recently in Delamere Forest, Cheshire, which was masquerading as an 'outward bound' style camp - when it was in fact a jihadist training camp...and thats not the only local radicalisation experience locally, by any means....we also know that far right groups have been targeting electoral wards in our area, for example.

Here is a link to a 20 minute course, which is aimed at professionals - but we think it's also brilliant for parents to raise their awareness of these issues. Why not take the test - and print yourself a certificate!! And learn more about what radicalisation is - and what we can ALL DO ABOUT IT....good luck!


And attached is a useful leaflet about the so called 'PREVENT' strategy, which was sent home to all parents at our school.

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