Parking at school




St Mary of the Angels has a car park, which is not a public highway; it is private property.

We recommend that everyone who lives within walking distance of the school should walk to school.

However, we also aim to assist the local community and Cheshire police by ensuring local roads are as clear as possible, by providing practical parking on site for all visitors. There is a main car park; and an overspill car park. Parents and other stakeholders should read and follow our code, if they wish to use our facilities.

  1. Please park in marked bays, on the left of the car park (field side), as you drive in.
  2. There are two disabled bays, which the school has designated, for those with disabled badges only. Disabled pupils take priority. The school is required by the Department of Education to make ‘reasonable adjustments for pupils with disabilities’. Other users with disabled stickers may also use the facility.
  3. The spaces on the right of the car park (the road side) are for education staff only.
  4. Parking anywhere in Rossall Grove can quickly create restricted access to the school and to residents; for example, ambulances and fire engines could be prevented from entering the site, endangering all stakeholders. PLEASE DO NOT PARK IN ROSSALL GROVE, thank you.
  5. Persons driving into the site should drive slowly (5 mph maximum) to prevent collisions with vehicles and/or pedestrians.
  6. Do not stop behind parked cars, to drop off; or to wait for someone. This causes a dangerous obstruction.
  7. The overflow car park is an additional facility for busy times. Extra care must be taken as this is marked for sports; and there are therefore no marked bays for drivers.
  8. Persons using the car park do so at their own risk. Vehicles must be covered by personal motor insurance, if drivers wish to use our site.
  9. Cars may only park here during school hours; no overnight stays; and litter in the car park is strictly forbidden.
  10. Parts of the site have double yellow lines, which means NO PARKING AT ANY TIME. (Persons parking on these lines will be asked to move on; or banned from the site, if they are repeat offenders.)
  11. Occasionally priority parking will be allowed near to the school, for safety or operational reasons. Examples include pupils’ returning from a trip in a minibus; or delivery lorries, carrying hefty goods for school. This will be assessed and allowed on a ‘case by case’ basis.
  12. In certain cases, the car park will be closed to the public (for example, in extreme weather.)
  13. Where drivers do not follow our rules, as a private property, we retain the right to forbid those car users from entering the site.
  14. School staff are here to educate the children, or to facilitate this education process. We are not employed to patrol a car park, at any time. If the car park is not self-managing, due to the consent and care of all its users, it will not be viable. Please help us to ensure safety for all stakeholders by following our parking code. Thank you.

St Mary of the Angels Primary School, Rossall Grove, Little Sutton, Ellesmere Port, Cheshire CH66 1NN