In alignment with the 2020 statutory RSE requirements, we at St Mary’s have been developing and growing our RSE programme of study. We use Journey in Love – a developmental Catholic programme for children in the primary years - as the main structure for our teaching of Relationship Education. This programme sits  within our wider provision for RSE, PSHE and Personal Development across our school. This also incorporates our delivery of the fantastic "My Happy Mind" programme. We do not teach any Sex Education lessons at St Mary of the Angels. 

Journey in Love


Journey in Love has been written by Sr Jude Groden and is fully endorsed as an appropriate resource for RSE provision by the Bishop of Shrewsbury. In each unit, children explore the physical, social, emotional, intellectual and spiritual aspects of each theme and within a wider provision of resources, support our delivery of a broad, inclusive and age appropriate RSE curriculum that is fully compliant with DfE and CES guidance. Parents can see more about our programme by clicking on the links below. 

Our teachers use Journey in Love as the foundation resource and they follow the teaching guidance set out in the programme. The enriching resources that we have selected from other publications, compliment these learning themes further, and are used as part of our wider delivery model for RSE and PSHE. This includes learning through P4C (Philosophy for Children), story time, English lessons, class and group discussions, the arts, and many other curriculum and non-curriculum areas.

Protected Characteristics 

Our strong delivery model ensures that our protective characteristics as a Catholic school are maintained whilst we empower our children in developing an informed conscience to facilitate discernment as they grow in God’s love. We are resolutely committed to ensuring that all children learn about every protected characteristic throughout their time here at St Mary's. You can read more about how we do this in the document below. 

My Happy Mind


In addtion to Journey in Love for RSE, we are also a Happy Mind School. We use the My Happy Mind programme across the school, in all classes as part of our PSHE programme of delivery. You can find our more about Mr Happy Mind below, and also on our Wellbeing page of the website. 

In our classes, we have PSHE Journals where we celebrate the broad and enriching opportunties that our delivery model facilitates. We also have our class Catholic Life Journals and our individual Happy Mind journals that evidence and celebrate our learning and our growth. 

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